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Skirmish Samford is Brisbane's ultimate paintball experience. The fun and excitement of playing on these fields is unmatched in Brisbane and we think Australia. It's and easy statement to claim to be the best and one that we would not make without the confidence to back up our claims. We pride ourselves in offering a venue of the highest standards to our players, for games full of fun and action.

From the facilities to the playing fields and equipment right down to the very paintballs themselves, we offer our players only the best. Don't be tricked not all paintball fields are the same. Two pallets nailed to a star picket is not a fort, as some other fields might have you believe. Bring your mates here for a action pack, fun day, and you can rest assured that you'll all have a great time, and that you won't be embarrassed about the venue you picked.

Our hire equipment is second to none, and as standard we equip all our players with BT-4 Combat Semi-Auto Paintball guns. You and your mates won't be out gunned here, it's an even playing field at Skirmish Samford. In fact other fields will charge up to $10.00 to hire a semi, so factor that in when you weigh up the value.

Who Can Play

Anyone who is 15 years* and over with a sense of adventure and fun. 

*Players must be over the age of 15yrs to play paintball in Queensland proof of age may be required.

What Happens

When you arrive, be it with a group, club, workmates, or just by yourself, you are split into two teams. Then after being given a participants lecture by the staff, the fun begins. No matter what your fitness, sex or even personality, there is something for everyone to enjoy by playing paintball. The young, bold and fast can run off and attack. While the older, slower and more cunning can set up the defenses. Once you and your team-mates have worked out a plan, you can choose to join the reckless charge or be a patient sniper, it's pure fun and excitement.

How Long Are The Games

The games vary in length, they could be as short as 5 minutes to as long as 20 minutes. Remember each game is unique and you'll never be out of the action for long. Don't worry, there are rest breaks throughout the session to "relax and tell tall tales of your playing skill".

What To Bring

Bring along your outdoor style footwear (no smooth soles or heels) players must have fully enclosed foot ware to play. You can play in any old clothes you want, but dark hard to see colours are best. A towel and some drinking water is always a good idea. Younger players may also need bring along some ID as proof of age may be required. Don't forget to bring along that sense of adventure.

What's It Like

Your pulse will be racing as you alternate from one engagement to the next. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you try to out-maneuver the opposition for possession of the flag. Armed with a gas powered paintball gun, the only thing in danger of being wounded is your pride. "Hasta la vista baby!"

Does It Hurt

Not as much as you might think! The impact of the paintball will heighten your senses and make the action more exciting, and the adrenalin will pump as you evade the incoming paintballs. When a paintball hits, the thin shell breaks and the paint splatters on you. Close shots are discouraged. Games are structured to help prevent the players overrunning each other. No hits, means no fun, you might as well play with the kids at laser tag or get out the water pistols. Besides if it hurt badly, no one would want to play!

Are all Paintball Fields the Same?

No way! Just look through these pages for yourself. Our exciting fields, are unmatched in Australia, and our playing equipment is the envy of our competition. The choice is yours, a great day with us or wishing your game had been with us.

What makes Skirmish Samford better?

The Venue, The Playing Fields, The Equipment, and our friendly, helpful and qualified staff. Every aspect of our facility is aim to provide you with the best experience. Don't be disappointed play at Skirmish Samford.


Only that players be over 15years to play and that they bring along comfortable outdoor boots or joggers and a sense off adventure.


We equip you with only the best gear, Tippmann Semi-Auto Paintball Guns and ER X-Ray Thermal Anti Fog Goggle System.

Tippmann make the most reliable paintball guns available, and that's what you want. With one of these in your hands, you only have two things to worry about! Getting the other team in your sights and of course having fun.

The X-Ray Mask system offers the benefit of full face protection, and player comfort. We've fitted it with the best anti fog system available. This combination will ensure you have uninterrupted vision and fun during play.

~~GIFT VOUCHER / GIFT CERTIFICATE ~ Available from the Booking Office~~

Booking and information lines open 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm. Click here for further booking details. 07 3886444

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