Brisbanes Ultimate Paintballing Experience


Paintball Equipment

Paintball requires specialized equipment that’s why at Paintball Samford, we have the best.

Skirmish Samford Paintball players roaming the ambush field

Tactical Overalls

BT-4 combat semi auto paintball gun

BT-4 combat semi auto paintball gun

Tactical fingerless gloves

Tactical paintball vest

Optional carbon fibre barrel

Tactical elbow and knee reinforcement

Jt Premis goggles with anti fog coating 

The standard gun you are issued is not standard at all, it is a BT-4 combat semi auto paintball gun with a ported barrel, lightened trigger, 200 rnd hopper and a carbon fibre air tank for constant velocities and light weight. In addition if you want better accuracy then the optional carbon fibre barrel is for you at just $10.00

The goggles we use are Jt Premis and have a special anti fog coating applied before you play.

The uniforms are mill spec and rip stop and have tactical elbow and knee reinforcement. These paintball uniforms are tough and practical. And for the ladies we have JT body armour.

In our upper level packages you get either a waist harness, to carry those extra paintballs, that has been designed to be tough and practical or on the Tac Pac you receive a tactical paintball vest that has been designed to be tough, tactical and practical

There are tactical fingerless gloves for sale as well as groin cups, neck guards and JT goggles your own personal use.
Like our battlefields we want you to look tough as when you paintballing with us .

Remember to bring some good running shoes, or out door shoes / boots so you will have plenty of traction as you move from cover to cover!

Upgrades yes 
We have Emeks a fantastic paintball gun, Plus upgrade barrels to give you more of a edge

EMEK Paintball Gun

The Emek paintball gun gives players great performance and incredible value as an upgrade.
The Emek paintball gun has been been specifically designed to give players a better playing experience. It is lightweight, ergonomic, supremely reliable, smooth, efficient, quiet and robust.
It’s simple to operate, flip the safety switch to Fire, and go play.

The Emek paintball gun is fast firing and accurate. Upgrade to one today!

Barrel Upgrade Kit – $10.00

Looking for that extra edge in your game? Why not upgrade your barrel to give you a more accurate and a more consistent shot. Just $10.00